Thank you for entering the Vines & Views MTB Classic.  This is a brand-new event on the mountain biking scene with some unique features never seen before in a cycling event.  The routes were designed by experienced mountain bikers and careful attention was given not to get carried away with our own trail preferences.  In other words, this is not a bone crushing trail although the long route will certainly provide a proper workout.


Riders will not only experience the splendour of the annual West Coast flower season, but also beautiful landscapes.  The routes traverse through different biomes.  Riders will end by riding through the inside of one of the biggest wine cellars in South Africa.  Speaking of which, those riders not in a rush are welcome to have a quick wine tasting at any of the 3 spectator points along the route.


Careful consideration was given to SPECTATOR experience.  All waterpoints incorporates a spectator point that is easily reachable by car.  Supporters can start their tour at Trawal Wine Cellar where they can enjoy refreshments (and a wine tasting).  Therefrom they can have a leisurely travel to spectator point no. 2, at Idma@Kapel. No spectator point is more than 10 minutes' drive from each other, while cyclist should traverse the sections between spectator points in approximately 1 hour.  This means ample time for supporters to enjoy the atmosphere.  Spectator point no. 3 is at Teubes Family Wines, within walking distance from the end at Die Keldery restaurant.


Shuttles will be provided for supporters between spectator point 3 and the finish to add to the festive atmosphere.


Bring the whole family and make a weekend of it.  For further information, please visit our website at or send us an e-mail to